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Do you want to create digital strategies with a measurable ROI?

Are you looking for someone who has built up ventures from scratch and helps others to grow their business? Do you need someone to help you with your digital strategy? I am a digital marketer from the vibrant city of Berlin who has a business background but also loves and understands technology. Startups and Entrepreneurship are my big passion.

I am known as an expert in growth hacking and digital traffic acquisition who is hungry for new challenges. Therefore, I am willing to break boundaries and work on a highly professional level to make projects an overall success. Contact me if you are looking for a result oriented partner who drives growth and generates business.


Service Overview

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network. Any company, whether B2B or B2C focused, can acquire traffic, leads and sales through this channel. I will show you how and make it work for your company.

Digital Analytics

Acquiring traffic is only one part of the game. You also need to set up a correct and easy to use tracking system. With my help you will be able to receive reportings and KPIs that will change the way you make business.

Digital Strategies

To be successful in the online world you need a generalistic view and a lot of experience with each of the available channels. I will guide you through the jungle of possibilities that the internet is offering you.

PR Seeding

PR Seeding: Ideas & stories are great, but you need the right channels to reach your potential investors, employees and customers. I will set up a growth driven strategy to reach your PR goals.

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